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            Modern Imaging Solutions is a small business and a certified federal,state and public schools supplier. MIS have been servicing customers for more than thirty years. MIS products are shipped out with a 100% GUARANTEE of your complete satisfaction. When the customer are looking for items, send us the part numbers and quantities and MIS will get right back to the customer with a quote.

Our products include:
1.    Office Supplies: Multi-purpose Paper, Folders, Binder Paper, Pens, Pencils & Envelopes;
2.    Printing Supplies: OEMS and Compatible Toners, Inks, Drums & Ribbons;
3.    Maintenance Kits: Fusers & Drum Kits;
4.    Computer Supplies: Software, Hardware & Peripherals;
5.    Back-up & Storage Media: LTO Tapes, CDs, DVDs, Hard Drives & USB's;
6.    Communications Equipment: Two-way Radio & Telephones;
7.    Office Furniture & Equipment: Tables, Chairs, Computers, Printers, Fax Machines & Phones;
8.    Janitorial Supplies: Disinfectants, Toilet Cleaners, Maps, Tissues, Soaps & Towels;
9.    Medical & Hygiene Supplies: Toiletries, Hand Sanitizers, Gauze & Bandage Scissors;
10.  UPS Batteries, Servers, as well as Appliances such as Televisions, Refrigerators, Stoves / Ovens and much more!


Check out our online catelog: www.biggestbook.com  
The website lists only retail (MSRP) prices for products. Be sure to check with us directly so we can customize with low GSA pricing or provide you with items you can't find there.



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